VLC’s Land Titles and Deeds Webinar

In the Philippines, there’s an increasing number of counterfeit land titles and fraudulent land transactions. That is why it is imperative to validate the legality of the title or ensure that there are no restrictions or legal claims on the property when you acquire real estate or property.

We spend a lot of money investing in real estate, therefore we don’t want to waste it by dealing with a fake land title or purchasing property that can give rise to a legal dispute. You should make sure the land you buy has a clear title!

That is why once again, Training and Seminars by Villasis Law Center (VLC), in partnership with Law School Buddy, will launch one of its most requested online seminars entitled “Land Titles and Deeds: Sales of Lands, Transfer, Registration and other areas including the drafting and preparation of contracts and legal forms” on January 25, 2023, via Zoom.

This is the seminar’s first run for 2023, after conducting it successfully in the past. The 5th run was held last June 28, 2022 and was attended by almost 300+ participants!

VLC’s Land Titles and Deeds seminar will be led by law professor and Bar reviewer and MCLE Lecturer Prof. Aliakhbar A. Jumarani, and Prof. Carmencita C. Dabu, a National Bar Reviewer and Professorial Lecturer, a Book Author and the Founder and Managing Partner of Dabu & Associates Law Office.

The main focus of the Land Titles and Deeds webinaris to provide a comprehensive discussion on the significance of protecting property rights and establishing land registration systems as the foundation of the contemporary economy. This seminar will give individuals and businesses the confidence to invest in land, allow private companies to borrow – using land as collateral – to expand employment opportunities, and enable governments to collect property taxes, which are required to finance the provision of infrastructure and services to citizens. Essentially, the webinar will focus on drafting and preparing contracts and legal documents in connection with land titling and sale.

In detail, participants will learn about:

  • What are Public Lands?
  • What are the modes of acquiring lands of the public domain?
  • What is the Torrens System of Registration?
  • What is the Procedure for Original Registration?
  • Common modes of acquiring registered lands: sale and inheritance
  • What are the requirements and steps for subsequent registration of land?
  • What are voluntary and involuntary dealings and how are they recorded and canceled?
  • What is reconstitution?

Training and Seminars by Villasis Law Center (VLC), in partnership with Law School Buddy, invites everyone to join this most in-demand online lecture, especially law students, paralegals, lawyers, legal researchers/staff, court staff, landowners and government employees. The online seminar is ideal for participants looking to join the legal field as paralegals or those who want to increase their knowledge and skills.

Learning investment for the Land Titles and Deeds: Sales of Lands, Transfer, Registration and other areas including the Drafting and Preparation of Contracts and Legal Documents is only P800. Certificates of completion shall likewise be provided, e-certificate for P100 and physical copy with local delivery for P400.

Here are the payment details. 
Account #: 008860011944 
Account #0019-1637-09

If you are interested to join, you may register via or you can visit You may also email for more information about this or any of our future webinars. 

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