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Top 5 Pre-Law Courses based on 2015-2019 Bar Exams Topnotchers

What is the best pre-law course? Is there such a thing as the best pre-law course?

For a future lawyer to be admitted in law school, two of the sine qua non conditions to the admission at the college of Law are:

(1) One must be a graduate of a four year Bachelor’s Degree course from a recognized university; and

(2) One must have 18 units in English, 18 units Social Sciences, and 6 units in Mathematics in the undergraduate course. Some colleges allow students to enroll even if there are deficiencies in the required units. As long as the deficiency will be completed during your stay at the college of law. Talk to your prospect college of law for their specific policy.

Always remember that there is no such thing as the best pre-law course.

The study of the law is a great equalizer. Everybody starts from zero in their hope to surpass the college of law, and eventually pass the BAR and become Attorneys.

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