The Revised Model Curriculum of the Basic Law Program

LEB Memorandum Order NoIn line with the authority granted to the Legal Education Board (LEB) by Republic Act No. 7662 entitled the “Legal Education Reform Act of 1993” to prescribe basic curricula for a law course, and the corresponding Resolution of the Board En Banc dated 29 June 2021 the Revised Model Curriculum for the […]

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Top 5 Pre-Law Courses based on 2015-2019 Bar Exams Topnotchers

What is the best pre-law course? Is there such a thing as the best pre-law course? For a future lawyer to be admitted in law school, two of the sine qua non conditions to the admission at the college of Law are: (1) One must be a graduate of a four year Bachelor’s Degree course […]

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Legal Education Board (LEB) Trains Law Faculty for Online Classes

Embracing the new normal requires flexibility and adaptability specially in using technology to provide alternative learning strategies to students while face-to-face classes are still discouraged. The Legal Education Board, in partnership with the Philippine Association of Law Schools, has stepped forward to provide relevant trainings to law professors on July 1-4. The series of webinars […]

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Is Your English Good Enough for Law School?

Right To Be Heard Growing in humble province painted a naive and simple picturesque of what the English Language has to offer. I thought it is just one of the academic requirements to pass, or yet another armor for high-level conversations with people who are used to uttering flowery and powerful words. I was wrong. […]