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SC Calls for #GetThatBAR2022 Personnel in 14 Testing Centers

Media Release from the Office of the Bar Confidant, July 18, 2022

Similar to the 2020/21 Bar Examinations, the 2022 Bar Examinations will also be both digitalized and localized in its modality. The current plan is to hold the Bar Examinations in November 2022, simultaneously in fourteen (14) Local Testing Centers (LTC) nationwide. The specific testing areas are still being finalized.

To ensure the success of the 2022 Bar Examinations, the OBC, together with Associate Justice Benjamin S. Caguioa, the Bar Examinations Chairperson, would like to invite judiciary employees and lawyers working outside the Judiciary to participate in this year’s Bar Examinations as Local Bar Personnel.

Interested applicants must possess ALL of the following qualifications:

(a) incumbent judiciary employee, including those with permanent, coterminous, casual, and contractual status, OR lawyer outside the Judiciary;
(b) fully vaccinated and have received at least one (1) booster dose before October 15, 2022;
(c) not teaching in any law school or law review centers;
(d) have a LandBank account in one’s own name (for judiciary employees only); and
(e) have no relative/s by consanguinity or affinity within the fourth (4th) civil degree who will take the exam in the same testing center where the personnel will serve.

Interested applicants may apply as Local Bar Personnel, particularly as (1) Floor Supervisors, (2) Head Proctors, (3) Proctors, and (4) Runners through the links or QR codes below. Their duties and responsibilities, as well as the minimum qualification for each position, are indicated in the attached document. The deadline of applications is on August 22, 2022.

FOR JUDICIARY EMPLOYEES AND LAWYERS OUTSIDE THE JUDICIARY: Please note that interested judiciary employees and lawyers may only apply in the region where they are currently residing.


For this purpose, the OBC has been authorized by the Bar Chairperson to take charge of the selection, training, and deployment of all Bar Personnel in the different testing centers.

We are grateful in advance for your assistance. Should you have any queries or concerns regarding Bar Personnel matters, you may contact the OBC at or (0966) 319-1105. For ease of documentation and reference, kindly copy furnish in all email communications

Below is a copy of the note issued by the OBC.

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