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#LSBencourage Story 1

#LSBencourage #truestory1

Welcome to the first story feature of “Law School Buddy: ENCOURAGE” where we share some of the most inspiring, encouraging, and heartwarming stories of our friends inside and outside of law school. Here’s the story of Dio and his dream of becoming a lawyer.

I’m a grade 10 student and from nursery leading up to this month I have always wanted to be a dentist. But when the time came where my peers asked me what strand I was going to take, I chose ABM over the expected choice which was STEM.

It was quite a hard decision to make since throughout my life I was always expected to be a dentist, that is what I also thought to myself throughout my life.

However, I had no talent or pure skill in drawing or aesthetics. Instead, I was quite competent in linguistics and speeches. I pictured alternate versions of myself pursuing different careers. Sadly, I couldn’t see a future where I would become a very competent and successful dentist.

The only thing I saw was me speaking in front of a jury where I prattled on about a case. The career that I envisioned was law.

This realization ultimately helped me make my choice to choose ABM over STEM since I want to take BS in Accountancy as a preparatory course for law.

Hopefully, I have made the right decision and I will do my best to achieve this dream of mine.

Godbless and take care for everyone pursuing the things they want most in life! – Dio

Originally published as a comment in LSB YouTube Channel, April 2021

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