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Maximizing Data Security: Join VLC’s Data Privacy Awareness Certification Seminar 2023 for Businesses in the Digital Age

Maximizing Data Security: Join VLC’s Data Privacy Awareness Certification Seminar for Businesses in the Digital Age

In the fast-paced digital landscape of today, data has become an invaluable asset that drives the growth and prosperity of businesses in every industry. However, this reliance on data also brings forth an increased vulnerability to data breaches and cyber attacks, which can compromise the privacy and security of sensitive information.

To address this critical concern, it is essential for businesses and organizations to invest in robust data privacy and security measures that safeguard their operations and protect the interests of their clients. One effective way to achieve this is by obtaining a Data Privacy Awareness Certification, which guarantees that a company’s data privacy policies and practices adhere to industry standards and legal requirements.

Join us for an exclusive Data Privacy Awareness Certification by Training and Seminars by Villasis Law Center (VLC), in partnership with Law School Buddy, on May 31, 2023 via Zoom. This comprehensive training program aims to equip participants with an in-depth understanding of data privacy principles and best practices. Our esteemed speakers will cover a wide range of topics, including data protection regulations, risk management strategies, incident response procedures, and ethical considerations.

VLC takes pride in presenting this upcoming webinar that offers invaluable insights into data privacy and protection.

Led by three distinguished experts in the field, Atty. Carmine Eliza T. Serrano will discuss the Implications of Data Breaches and share notable cases of international and domestic breaches. Atty. Paul Cayetano L. Cabatingan will delve into Data Subjects, Data Processing, Types of Information, PIP, PIC, and Data Privacy Principles. Lastly, VLC’s Review Director, Assoc. Dean Christian G. Villasis, a Certified Data Protection Officer, will shed light on the Five Pillars of Data Privacy Compliance and the Rights of a Data Subject. By attending this webinar, participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure data privacy compliance and protection within their respective organizations.

By participating in a data privacy certification webinar, businesses and organizations stand to benefit in numerous ways. Firstly, they will develop a deeper understanding of the significance of data privacy and security, along with the legal and ethical obligations associated with it. Additionally, attendees will gain insights into the latest trends and developments in the field, empowering them to implement effective strategies and best practices to mitigate risks effectively.

Furthermore, attaining a data privacy certification can provide a significant competitive advantage in today’s business landscape. It showcases a company’s unwavering commitment to data privacy and security, fostering customer trust and confidence in the brand. Moreover, such certification enhances a company’s credibility and reputation, paving the way for enhanced business opportunities and increased revenue.

Villasis Law Center (VLC) invites business owners, IT managers, data protection officers, legal and regulatory compliance officers, business owners, internal auditors, record managers, database administrators, HR practitioners, data collectors, and other professionals or students who want to increase their knowledge about the data privacy. Through the webinar, participants can gain knowledge and skills in data privacy and protection practices applicable to their respective fields of profession.

The webinar will be conducted via Zoom, and interested participants can register through VLC’s website or contact us via email for more information. The regular rate for the webinar is only P2,000, and participants may obtain certificates of completion for an additional fee. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to gain vital knowledge and skills in data privacy and protection practices. Register now and be a part of this enlightening and invaluable online webinar!

To register for the Data Privacy Awareness Certification Seminar happening on May 31, 2023, from 10 AM-5 PM via Zoom, interested participants can register via or you can visit You may also email for more information. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain essential knowledge and skills in data privacy and protection practices. Register now and be part of this informative and valuable online seminar!

Here are the payment details. 

BDO (Christian G. Villasis, Account # 008860011944 Pasig-Capitol Commons Estancia)
BPI (Christian G. Villasis, Account # 0019-1637-09)
GCash (Christian V. 09052685881)

Kindly upload proof of payment and accomplish Registration form here

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