Audiobook Civil Law Sales

Law on Sales Audiobook #2 Obligations of the Vendor General Provisions, Delivery of the Thing Sold

New Civil Code of the PhilippinesTitle VI SalesChapter 4 Obligations of the VendorSection 1 General ProvisionsSection 2 Delivery of the Thing Sold

News Bar Exams

BAR 2020 date sets further, not earlier than February 2021, says Bar Chair Leonen

The Office of the 2020 Bar Chair through Associate Justice Marvic M.V.F. Leonen announced today, June 29th, 2020 that the exact schedule for the 2020 BAR examinations is still up for deliberation. An earlier announcement was made that the next examinations will not happen in 2020 due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in […]

Civil Law Audiobook Sales

Law on Sales Audiobook #1 Nature and Form, Capacity to Buy & Sell, Effects When Thing Sold is Lost

Civil Code of the PhilippinesTitle VI SalesArticles 1458 to 1494 Chapter 1 Nature and Form of the ContractChapter 2 Capacity to Buy or SellChapter 3 Effects of the Contract When the Thing Sold Has Been Lost

Audiobook Criminal Law Criminal Law 1

Criminal Law 1 (Part 2) Penalties Classification Accessory Duration and Effects Revised Penal Code Audiobook

The Revised Penal Code of the PhilippinesBook 1 Articles 21 to 39 Title Three PenaltiesChapter 1 Penalties in GeneralChapter 2 Classification of PenaltiesChapter 3 Duration and Effect of Penalties

Audiobook Civil Law Persons and Family Relations

Persons Audiobook #3 Marriage & Requisites, Family Code – Persons & Family Relations Review

The Family Code of the PhilippinesTitle I MarriageChapter I Requisites of Marriage Chapter 1. Requisites of Marriage Article 1. Marriage is a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with law for the establishment of conjugal and family life. It is the foundation of the family and […]

News Bar Exams Current Events Supreme Court

Making History: First Ever Online Oath-Taking of New Lawyers

The Supreme Court of the Philippines sets new record as it holds the first-ever online oath-taking ceremonies for the successful 2019 Bar passers. The Supreme Court has earlier announced a resolution allowing the conduct of the oath-taking ceremony of the 2019 BAR examination passers on 25 June 2020 via online video conference and linked to […]

Law School News

Legal Education Board (LEB) Trains Law Faculty for Online Classes

Embracing the new normal requires flexibility and adaptability specially in using technology to provide alternative learning strategies to students while face-to-face classes are still discouraged. The Legal Education Board, in partnership with the Philippine Association of Law Schools, has stepped forward to provide relevant trainings to law professors on July 1-4. The series of webinars […]

Doctrines Political Law

What is Overbreadth Doctrine?

“The doctrine of overbreadth applies generally to statutes that infringe upon freedom of speech.” – Justice Kapunan, in his dissenting opinion on Estrada vs Sandiganbayan, G.R. No. 148560, November 2001 “The application of the overbreadth doctrine is limited to a facial kind of challenge and, owing to the given rationale of a facial challenge, applicable […]

Political Law Doctrines

What is Void-For-Vagueness Doctrine?

􏰃􏰄􏰊􏰋The “void-for-vagueness” doctrine􏰥􏰈􏰝􏰃􏰇􏰊􏰌􏰅 holds that a law is facially invalid if men of common intelligence must necessarily guess at its meaning and differ as to its application. – David v. Macapagal-Arroyo, supra., cited in Romualdez v. Commission on Elections, G.R. No. 167011, April 30, 2008 The Supreme Court held that the doctrine can only be […]

News Law School

FEU Institute of Law Announces Online Class for 1st Sem AY 2020-2021

The Far Eastern University – Institute of Law announced today, June 23rd, via its social media accounts, that the college of law will conduct online classes this coming first semester of academic year 2020-2021. Schools have slowly adapted the alternative or modified learning since the restrictions of face to face classes brought about by COVID-19 […]